Late last month over 900 designers converged on Toronto for IxDA’s Interaction13 conference. I missed all the talks because I was in a workweek in Toronto. Luckily, there’s a Interaction Redux event  in San Francisco today where Bay Area locals give their talk again. Here are the sketchnotes for all the talks. Enjoy!

The student design challenge by Steve Portigal

The student design challenge, by Steve Portigal

Make me say WOW & Rhythm, Flow, Style by Peter Stahl

Two talks by Perter Stahl

Realism in Design by Adam Little


Realism in Design, by Adam Little

Failed Futures by Carina Ngai

Failed Future by Carina Ngai

On aircrafts and craft by Dane Petersen

On aircraft and craft, by Dane Petersen

Microinteractions by Dan Saffer

Microinteractions, by Dan Saffer

Serving Impact over stakeholders by Gretchen Anderson

Serving Impact over stakeholders, by Gretchen Anderson

Beautiful Failures by Susan Dybbs

Beautiful Failures, by Susan Dybbs